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While studying business and playing center field for the University of Cincinnati, my part-time assistant restaurant management positions turned into a career that span 18 years. I was fortunate to work in a number of restaurants and food distribution centers that believed in treating employees with respect, customer service focus, quality driven, and system operations driven. Although, I started my food management career as a crew chief. As my skills grew, I was promoted to an assistant manager, general manager, and a regional general manager.
In 1999, a business insurance specialist introduced me to how I could serve business owners by protecting their business assets and their personal assets with various insurance products. My current skills made this change an excellent fit. Several years later, I was selected by the Small Business Administration (SBA) to become a business mentor and insurance advisor to small and medium size business owners especially restaurants and food distributor owners.
I’m proud to say that I developed many of my business skills I use daily in the restaurant business. Such skills as cost management, managing food distribution, portion control, sales forecasting, HR skills, developing training programs for my managers, multi-tasking, ability to interact and network with diverse groups, an eye for details, and my keen ability to make fast, clear and decisive decisions.
As a business owner, I’m fully aware that you have invested your time, finances, credit rating, family relationships, and reputation to make your dream come true.


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Wayne Sloan
Licensed Independent Agent