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One Love Unity Apparel


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About Us

One Love Unity Apparel is a non- profit apparel line with a purpose of spreading the message of Love in our communities both locally and nationally. We sell our items wholesale and in bulk packages to allow pastors, stores, organizations and individuals to sell our items at retail prices, creating fundraising opportunities.

THE APPAREL DRAWS A LOT OF ATTENTION AND CREATES POSITIVE CONVERSATION! (A VERY POWERFUL WITNESSING TOOL)We have received very positive feedback from people of all walks of life. Anyone wearing the apparel will discover that they have become living epistles declaring the Word of God!

Our goal is to set up sales opportunities with as many pastors, stores, organizations and individuals as possible. The apparel is unique. People will ask where to purchase a shirt or apparel item. This allows an opportunity for exposure of various ministries or entities. You can feature your apparel items where online orders can be made.

Any purchase would be considered tax exempt. The Apparel Line is set up under Greater Community Church of the Apostolic Faith. Funds are deposited into our account D.B.A. One Love Unity Apparel through U.S. Bank. We are a 501c3 tax exempt religious organization.

Our vision is to become a national distribution center for our apparel line, thus creating jobs. Please visit our website at You can also contact Ronald Evans at 513-258-9511.


  • Fundraising Oppotunities
  • Tax Deductible
  • Spread The Message Of Love and Unity
  • Peace, Love, and Strength for ALL People


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