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Jamillah The Neighborhood Mermaid


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Jamillah (meaning - beautiful) The Neighborhood Mermaid products are beautiful images of mermaids that promotes self -esteem, self love, diversity and inclusion reflecting the beauty of the girls who lives in our neighborhoods. Jamillah The Neighborhood Mermaid products highlights the beauty in diverse skin tones, hair textures and lengths, while uplifting and glorifying the beauty in people with developmental disabilities. Jamillah The Neighborhood Mermaid goal is for girls to be able to identify and connect with a mermaid who looks like her and her family. Jamillah The Neighborhood enjoys recognizing and honoring our unique God given beauty given to them. Jamillah The Neighborhood Mermaid reminds our girls that we see them, love them, and that they will always be beautiful to us despite what mainstream standards of beauty is.


  • Great gift for Classrooms, Birthdays, Kwaanza, or any occasion
  • Made in USA
  • True Representation of Diversity and Inclusion
  • Beautiful representation of Developmental Disabilities


T-shirt is sold in white, pink, green or yellow
Wheelchair Mermaid Poster
Down Syndrome Mermaids     Poster
T-shirts sold in white, pink, green or yellow
Hairless Mermaids Poster
Hairless Mouse Pad
Best Friends Mouse Pad
Wheelchair Mermaid Mouse Pad
Down Syndrome Mermaids Mouse Pad

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