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About Us

Healthy Days365 is a social enterprise dedicated to providing the health-conscientious consumer with nutritional education; health and wellness counseling; and personal health-risk assessments. We provide small businesses with corporate health and wellness assessments and programming. Through our innovative consumer marketing strategies, we assist retailers in promoting food commodities as well as health-related durable goods and services (e.g. active wear; home appliances; gardening tools) all by which consumers can maintain health and decrease their personal risks for chronic diseases and injuries.

Many consumers still remain without health insurance or a medical home; consequently, too many of us remain without medical management or medications. Our social perspective is a business model that encompasses a network that connects consumers with community-based healthcare resources; hospital-based services and programs; practitioners of health services; and retailers of health products.


  • Point-of-Sale Nutrition Counseling
  • Health Biometric Screenings
  • Corporate Wellness Programs
  • Healthcare Services Network
  • Network Partners: UC Health, Cincinnati Children's Hospital, Cincinnati Health Dept., Kroger Co., Remke Markets, YMCA


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